SWLEOC Outcomes Programme is a service dedicated to the collection of patient reported outcomes, complications and satisfaction. Questionnaires are sent out to all hip and knee replacement patients for up to two years after their operations.

This data is very valuable to both surgeons and managers, allowing SWLEOC to collectively reflect upon outcomes in order to help provide the best possible service.

It has also undergone a recent redevelopment, transforming our in-house system to a web-based application. This alloww easier and more eco-friendly communication with our patients through email.

As of the end of 2019, SWLEOC Outcomes database has data on approximately 48,000 operations.

ODEP Studies

As new information becomes available and joint replacements evolve, it is very important for NHS hospitals and manufacturing companies to ensure that new products are safe and successful.  At SWLEOC, we strive to be at the forefront of new technologies and procedures, but also understand the importance of continual surveillance.

Using our expertise in Outcomes data collection, we have developed a comprehensive programme of implant surveillance of new or existing implant designs.  We work with implant manufacturers to help them collect survivorship data for 10 years to ensure that the implants used at SWLEOC  are of a very high quality and that any potential variations in outcome are recognised rapidly.  Also that our patients continue to enjoy  successful outcomes after their operations.  We call these our ODEP studies, as we are collecting data for submission to the Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel.  This is a group set up by the Department of Health to ensure the safety and quality of new technologies, while at the same time allowing new innovation and development to thrive in the NHS.

We are currently running 10 of these ODEP studies, with more coming in the future.  We are looking at a range of new hip, knee and shoulder implants to fit the needs of a diverse population of patients.


The Research Department at SWLEOC strives to make a continuous academic contribution to the field of orthopaedics. In addition to our in-house projects, we have established strong collaborations with several of the leading orthopaedic and academic institutions in the country.

Our research portfolio includes participation in several NIHR-approved studies with the aim of contributing towards a greater knowledge of orthopaedics in the UK. Additionally, our work is regularly published in peer reviewed academic journals.

Members of our department travel to international meetings and conferences to share our work and experience. We focus on sharing our research with the orthopaedic world, as well as raising the reputation and success of SWLEOC.

As a centre of excellence in orthopaedics, we emphasize the importance of research and the continuous goal of improving service quality and patient care. Many of our consultants at SWLEOC take a very active role in research.

We are always looking for volunteers at our centre who would like to become involved in our on-going projects. As such, you may be contacted before your operation to see if you are interested in one of studies at SWLEOC. Please feel free to get in touch with us should you like some more information on any of our programmes or studies.